La Sarha (raspberryblu) wrote in gumbo_of_god,
La Sarha

Little intro.

Hello, my name is Sarah. I'm 16, am not entirely normal in any American standard, but have lived in the same NY town my whole life. I've just gotten into going on walks with my dog in my fields because it feels so free. I really have no social life - I was part of a couple terrible relationships that completely destroyed my other relationships and desire for them. I just switched cashier jobs from Sears to Target and I am not liking the factory work aspect. I started going to AA in April with my father who is five years in recovery. With all the people who don't want me there its losing its pull. My father has always been a pagan/taoist influence, even when I couldn't stand his guts. I grew up with the Sevenfold Law. My own beliefs are strong in Taoism, partial Dianic, and basically anything that relates to me. I'm thinking of it as a New Age, Occultism, Ecclecticism type deal, but I won't commit myself to anything - beliefs are not permanent, labels shouldn't exist for them, and my memory is so weak I don't always remember to give thanks, pray, meditate, or whatever. Anyway, hi. I'm just trying to find myself and go with the flow. I'm reading three books at the moment - being the geek that I am (: (1984, On Writing Well, The Witch Book, and Hardcore Zen...So four books.) Just thought I'd poke my nose in.
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