Disciple of Faith (lucifer_solo) wrote in gumbo_of_god,
Disciple of Faith

My Introduction

Hi, my name is Dennis. I'm 25 years old, and I'm a songwriter and poet. I have been recently re-awakened to God's Unwavering Love. I've spent the majority of my search for God either in the Christian religion or in 'New Age' spirituality, which I feel is becoming a religion in its own right nowadays. It is through the Christian religion that God has most recently spoken to me, although I cannot claim to believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins and is my personal Lord and Saviour. I don't believe what I read or what I'm told when it comes to my relationship with God, so I have to trust what I feel. And what I feel is that God is Love - a Love so all-encompassing as to be truly mind-boggling.
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