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Gumbo of God

Spirituality without Religion

Unclassified Believers
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Have complex beliefs that don't fit into a nice neat little religious package? Believe in God(s) but not necessarily religion? Seeking to find your place in the spiritual world?

Then this community is for you. Gumbo of God is designed for the sole purpose of individuals who do believe in a higher being(s)but either are not sure of which religion they would feel comfortable with or whose beliefs do not fit into any one religion or don't feel that religion itself could ever fully explain God(s) or our spiritual identities, etc.

I, zensunni, started this community because I've researched many religions and even practiced a handful and could never find myself fitting into any religion full force. Even religions I mainly agreed with still had beliefs and practiced that I myself didn't feel comfortable with. That being the case I figured there were others such as myself and designed this community for such people.

For the time being, membership shall be open. If too many rude and boisterous and argumentative people join who only wish to cause chaos and disrespect people, then membership will be switched to filtered. This means that if this happens, memberships will have to be requested and I will have to personally approve of them. But we'll burn that bridge if we get to it.

So please come, join the community and share your beliefs with others similar to yourself.

And of course, spread the word.

What We Are NOT

1) Universal Unitarians - Certainly people who are universal unitarians or with UU beliefs are welcome amongst us but we are not universal unitarians. Universal Unitarians usually tend to be people like Christians or Jews or any belief system who are open and tolerant of others' beliefs but they usually already have a religion.

2) A Religion/Cult - We are not a religion. We are a community of like-mindeded spiritual individuals. We even could be considered a support group for those who have no official religion and therefore no community to fit into.

3) Religion-Haters - We do not hate religion. We just find that we do not fit into any catergorized religion. Religion bashing will not be accepted in this community. Whether it is bashing religion as a whole or certain religions specifically, it will not be tolerated.


1) When you join, please introduce yourself. A bit about yourself. Some of your beliefs, etc. Let us know who you are so we can become a tight-knit community. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, etc all have communities where they feel they can fit in. Us non-classifiables should also have the same community where we can go to fit in.

2) Be kind and considerate to others. Being non-classifiables does not mean we will always share the same beliefs. Someone may believe in One God while another may believe in many Gods while another may believe that Jesus was Divine while another may not. We must show respect. Disrespect will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.

3) Have fun and share in our likenesses!

4) Spread the word. You never know who may benefit from our community.