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A while back, it seems like an eternity, I asked why it was that people tend to refer to God as just "God". I'm not asking that now, answers were all very satisfactory at the time...

...but I am wondering something else along similar lines.

Do you ever refer to God, or Jesus, as something other than those names? More friendly, kinda conversational. Se, I don't pray in the strictest sense. Be I at a church or just going about my day...I chat. Start with a something as insignificant as "How's your day going?" and off I go from there.

Point is, as I would when chatting with anybody, I don't always use just the generic presented name. Originally I referred to God as "The Creator", which is mildly ominous but accurate. Then, in passing, as the Big Guy. Sometimes just as Big G.

In referring to Jesus, to God, I either go with "the Kid" or simply just "J".

Anybody else do anything like this?
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